Thursday, June 21, 2007

weekend wedding

I am quite excited. This weekend I am going to a wedding in Florida. I should have some pretty pictures next week. Although I am still just a guest at the wedding and not getting paid I am excited to be in a different venue and to continue to add to my portfolio. I also just got a new flash (actually I still have to pick it up from UPS), but I am very excited about trying out a few things. Hopefully I will be back with some lovely photos.

I am also ready to move, so that I can full-on launch this business. I have to be patient for a few more months and then the fun will hopefully begin.

Thank you to everyone who has told their friends about me, I really appreciate it. Word of mouth is the best advertising I can get. It is just too bad that everyone who wants to use me lives far, far away.

My sister has agreed to do a trash the dress session in St. Louis this summer. I am going there for another wedding in August, and she is going to find a wedding dress at a thrift store and we are going to go out on the town and get dirty. I can't wait! Also if anyone in NC wants to do a trash the dress, I bought a dress that is a size 8 (I think it should fit a slightly smaller person as well).


Anonymous said...

Did you see this article yet? I like some of the images a lot...

Lucy said...

Trash the dress has been all over the news lately. Apparently it is the new thing. I especially love the ones in the fountains at the end of the slideshow!