Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Trash the dress

There is this great website that I found recently. It is called Trash the Dress. Basically the idea is that you are only going to wear your wedding dress once and that your children won't want to wear it so why bother storing it in a closet for the next 50 years when you can take some totally awesome pictures to remember it by. I am not so sure I want to do this with my own dress, because I am still holding out hope that I will find somewhere to wear it even though there is no wear acceptable to actually wear it and it probably wouldn't fit me anyways, but I really want someone to do it, so I can take some lovely pictures. So anyone up for it? Most of you don't even live nearby, so I doubt it, but worth a shot right?

P.S. If someone wants to participate doesn't feel gutsy enough to trash their own dress, we could certainly buy a cheap one from a thrift store or ebay and do it that way.


Jen said...

My dress is already "trashed" from my reception (wine stain!) but I'd totally be up for this if you want to use me and my dress and give it a shot! I'm not a professional model, but I think it would be fun!!

Angela said...

I'd love to if you're in tally!